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          The College of Chemistry and Material Science was established in October, 2002. Nowadays, it consists of three departments, two centers, one institute and one key laboratory. They are Department of Applied Chemistry, Department of Material Chemistry, Department of Basic Chemistry, Demonstration Center for Chemical Experimental Teaching (provincial level)...

          We set Applied Chemistry undergraduate in 2000 and Material Chemistry undergraduate in 2003, and both began enrolling in the next year. In 2003, we set a master degree in Applied Chemistry and enrollment began in 2004, which is the first to offer master degree among the basic disciplines in our university...
      Mailing Address:
      College of Chemistry and Material Science
      Shandong Agricultural University
      No. 61 Daizong Street Taian City, Shandong Prov. P.R.China 271018
      Tel: +86-538-8242251
      Fax: +86-538-8242251

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